Event Ticketing, Marketing, and Reporting Tools

Historical Timelines

Timelines is the latest in a suite of powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools designed to make data analytics an integral component of the event organizer’s daily workflow. Create clear visualizations of historical ticketing data to answer questions such as:

  • Did my marketing campaign effectively increase ticket sales?
  • When do my ticket sales tend to peak in relation to the event's start date?
  • Do any of the events in my event series show atypical sales trends?
  • What are my YOY ticket sales for my annual event?

Access Control

Be prepared for admissions wherever your events happen.

If you’re looking for an alternative to costly proprietary scanning hardware, Axess is the portable, affordable ticket scanning solution you need. Available as an app for iOS and Android, Axess helps your team scan all ShowClix barcode types while providing a quick reference for looking up customers on the fly.

Don’t want to buy a bunch of iPod touches? Just lease scanners from us and keep your overhead costs low. We can even throw in Linea Pro attachments that will save your battery life and scan customers even more quickly.

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Automated Marketing

The marketing side of organizing an event can be chaotic. From posting on social to updating price levels, you have dozens of tasks to manage.

What if your ticketing system could automate those tasks for you?

Agent is our automation tool that automatically handles marketing tasks you create in your ShowClix account.

Tweet to create urgency with your followers when 90% of tickets have been sold. Send a text message to your team when a VIP is scanned in so you can greet them at the gate. Change your price levels from early bird to regular once your sales have hit a given threshold. These are just a few of the ways Agent can save you time and help you sell more tickets.

Mobile Box Office

Sell tickets wherever you do business with our box office and point of sale app. Our box office covers all the bases for your walk-up sales by giving you the ability to process and maintain records for all cash, credit and check purchases at the door.

For your ticket printing and credit card processing needs, you’ll be able to connect to Boca thermal ticket printers and credit card swipes, all available for lease through ShowClix.

Our box office app is available for iOS and Android tablets, as well as your desktop computer.

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Mobile Analytics

Keep an eye on your ticket sales with Live, the event organizer's mobile companion for ShowClix. Live offers quick access to real-time sales, revenue, and traffic data for all of your events. Built-in sharing features let you keep your partners in the loop and make decisions on the go to maintain a smooth on sale.

Live is available in the App Store.

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