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What our clients are saying about us

  • They are a seamless part of our team. There is no separation. Fiercely obsessed with customer service, and at Comic Con, they were as engaged as our own people. What we did as a collective team is mind-blowing.

    Randy Field, Reed Exhibitions / NYCC

  • The integrated look of the ticket buying experience is crucial as it reflects the importance of good design to us as an institution.

    Sonya Shrier, MoMA

  • I look to them to tell me what else I could be doing. I let them be the experts. As we move forward, I want new features and I know they’ll keep delivering. I love that.

    Chris Frederick, Heritage of Pride NYC

  • ShowClix’s ticket scanners are fabulous, and the technology is seamless. We processed all ticket holders in record time!

    Mindy Schwartz, Steel City Big Pour

  • When the power went out in our offices for a week before one of our biggest events, we lost our internal phone system, and ShowClix was willing to take on the extra volume of concerned customers through their in-house call center. The company went above and beyond to help us avoid what could have been a disaster.

    LEGO® KidsFest

  • Innovative, hands-on, all-encompassing, exceptional customer service. Yeah, we’re a happy client.

    Kevin Tobin, Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

  • Training is very quick and easy, and everyone learned how to use it in about 30 minutes or less.

    Sam Anderson, Savannah College of Art and Design

  • At our last show, everyone sang many praises of the ease of ShowClix!

    Julie Jakeway, Flat River Community Players

  • Thank you, ShowClix, for an amazing service. It proved invaluable at the gate!

    Collin Abraham, Pollen Nation Events / LIME

  • Our Account Manager has gone far beyond what we could have imagined. We sure didn't expect him to be watching our account at 10:00pm on a weekend, but we really appreciate it.

    Jim Logan, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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