Box Office, Admissions & RFID

Technology is the core of our business. Run a clean, fast box office and sell tickets directly to your customers. Scan tickets or RFID badges and clear your lines quicker at the gate.
Accept any payment

Collect payment and donations at the point-of-sale with our box office ticketing app for desktop and tablets.

Keep the lines moving

ShowClix’s event ticketing software doesn’t end with online ticket sales. Start using our ticket scanner app, Axess, equipped with Linea Pro to efficiently welcome fans.

The power of RFID

We’ve seized the potential of RFID to better manage huge crowds at massive events, while growing the platform to create new experiences for organizers, vendors and attendees.

Built for events of all sizes

From massive conferences to your local beer festival, our RFID solution makes sure you keep guests happy and transactions securely organized.


Box Office

Sell tickets wherever you do business

Start selling tickets directly to your customers with our box office ticketing app. Accept all types of payment and collect donations. Keep consistent records in your account for all transactions, whether you’re processing online ticket purchases, orders over the phone or walk-up sales at the door.

Compatible with credit card swipes

Swipe customer payments quickly with compatible USB, iPad and other tablet credit card readers.

Flexible box office solutions

Access our box office on your desktop, or install the app on a tablet for a portable option.

Simple, yet powerful

GA or Reserved
GA or reserved

Easily find and sell tickets to both GA and reserved seating events with our box office app.

Shopping Cart
Shopping cart

Need to sell multiple events at once? Add tickets across several events in a single transaction.

Split Payments
Group sales and split payments

Split large ticket orders into multiple customers and save pending payments for class trips, tours and more.

Print your own tickets

Looking for a solution to print at the door as tickets are sold? Connect with compatible Boca thermal ticket printers, available for lease through ShowClix. Alternatively, print from your own laser printer, or email tickets to your customers right from the box office.

Print your own tickets

Ticket Scanners

Faster scanners, shorter lines

Slow admissions can create crowded lines and frustrated attendees. Move faster at the gate with Axess, our free ticket scanner app for iOS and Android. Turn affordable devices into fully functional ticket scanners, complete with scan history and a search function to look up customers on the fly.

Axess Ticket Scanners

Flexible admissions solutions

Be prepared wherever events happen

Synchronize multiple devices across several points of entry. Axess scales to meet the needs of both simple and complex events.

Check in, check out

Need to carefully monitor your capacity? Check out guests and keep an accurate tally of how many people are in the venue.

Up-to-the-minute guest list

Observe your scanning progress and admit customers manually with an online guest list, which syncs with your ticket scanners.

Scan history and customer lookup

Look up customers on the fly for damaged or lost tickets, and each device maintains a record of every ticket scanned.

“ShowClix’s ticket scanners are fabulous, and the technology is seamless. We processed all ticket holders in record time!”

Mindy Schwartz, Steel City Big Pour


Affordable equipment pricing

Power your admissions and box office with compatible ticket scanning and point-of-sale hardware, available for lease or purchase from ShowClix.

We have the tools you need

iOS ticket scanners

Train staff easily on Axess, which uses the iPod touch’s camera to scan quickly.

Laser scanning sleeves

The Linea Pro laser scanner attachment provides even faster scanning and longer battery life.

Box office-ready devices

Lease our netbooks for to use our box office system at your box office or at the gate.

Credit card swipes

Add a credit card swipe to your point-of-sale box office, compatible for desktops and tablets.

Thermal ticket printing

Print at the door as tickets are sold with reliable Boca thermal ticket printers.

RFID Scanners


The next leap forward in event technology

Deliver tickets embedded with RFID tags on badges, wristbands and more. Measure important admissions stats in real time. Run your ticket sales through ShowClix or integrate your existing platform with our RFID solution.

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Build memorable events

Admit huge crowds

Attendees can simply tap their secure RFID badges or wristbands for immediate verification, which means faster, shorter lines and better, safer management of your capacity.

Protect customers and finances

Prevent fraudulent entry at even the most chaotic events with RFID tags that are not susceptible to counterfeiting and never store attendees’ personal info.

Gather event intelligence

The portability and easy scanning of RFID helps you understand your event as it happens. Collect data as attendees enter and exit, and study analytics in real time.

Invent new experiences

With an effective RFID solution in action, we’re always looking for new ways to help our partners create memorable experiences for their fans.

Vendor check-ins

Offer our lead retrieval solution to your vendors, and they’ll gather more information about interactions with their booths.

Photo stations

Give attendees something to remember with simple, RFID-enabled photo stations that connect with their badges and send their photos.

These tools are just the beginning of your potential with RFID. Have a great ticketing idea but not the technological support to build it? Work with us to create amazing new experiences for attendees, vendors and you.

Find out why our hands-on event specialists and ticketing call center are a big deal for organizers and their customers.

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