RFID Scanning Solutions for Events

RFID is the next leap forward for event technology. Welcome guests more quickly, while securing your entrances and monitoring capacity. Create new experiences for attendees and help your exhibitors. Upgrade your next event with our powerful RFID system.

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The new way to welcome your attendees

We believe that an event experience should be memorable — not the wait in line. Get customers through the gate faster with ShowClix's portable access control solution. RFID software’s advanced scanning capability makes admitting crowds of any size faster than ever.

RFID scanners


The new way to protect your customers and your finances

Prevent fraudulent entry at even the largest, most chaotic events with RFID tags that are not susceptible to counterfeiting. Compatible with wristbands, badges, and more, you’ll be able to provide your customers with new opportunities for convenient information exchange, along with the peace of mind that the tags never store their personal information.


The new way to gather event intelligence

The scanning ease and portability of ShowClix’s RFID software unlock new ways to understand your event as it happens. Collect data as attendees enter and exit the gate. Allow vendors to tap badges for deep marketing analysis. Study analytics in real time as the event is happening. The possibilities are unlimited.

The new way to gather event intelligence


You're never alone in our crowd

Event admissions can be difficult, so our Event Operations team is here to make it easy for you. The Event Ops Manager helps you plan your admissions strategy, train your staff and prepare your gates. Meanwhile, our engineers will meticulously test your scanners and box office equipment — they’ll even deploy a sturdy wireless network to make your admissions run as smoothly as possible.

How it works

RFID tag fulfillment
RFID tag fulfillment

ShowClix delivers RFID tags on your preferred medium (such as wristbands or badges) encoded with unique IDs to attendees who have registered online.

RFID scanning
RFID scanning

The Event Operations team readies the gates, tests your network capability, and trains your staff on our RFID scanners.

Real time admissions stats
Real time admissions stats

Attendees in line are scanned and file into the event quickly, while you stay on top of real time admissions stats, device reports and more.

“What we did as a collective team was mind-blowing”

Lance Fensterman, Group V.P. | ReedPOP | Producer of New York Comic Con
For years, ShowClix has provided event professionals with leading event technology. We have helped thousands of event organizers create memorable experiences by developing simple, powerful solutions for ticketing, box office management and admissions.
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