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We travel to your events, consult with you on best practices for events, and treat your customers like our own. From Event Operations to customer service, the success of your business is the top priority for every member of our event support team.
We’re on your team

Think of our in-house call center as a fully staffed extension of your business. Let us help your customers so you can get back to work.

One-on-one support

We’ll partner you with a dedicated Client Service representative, your ticketing partner who you can count on for quick answers, system tech support and consultation on best practices for ticketing.

On-site event assistance

When you need help building an admissions strategy, on-site training for your staff, or just an extra pair of hands at the gate, enlist the Event Operations team.

Peace of mind

Protecting your finances is very important to us. Our Risk Management tools and security experts help you stop people and bots from defrauding your events.

Call Center

Fantastic customer support

Every ticket sold is a potential customer question for you:

  • “Where is the venue?”
  • "How do I send my tickets to my friends?”
  • “Do you have parking nearby?”

Answer these questions once for us, and our team will handle the rest. We’ll even help customers out by finding directions to the venue, nearby parking lots, dining options… anything they might need to have a better experience at your event.

"With the fast growth of the Ice Castles, it would have been impossible for us to provide the quick and friendly customer service that we were known for when we were a smaller operation without the help of ShowClix. Their friendly in-house call center provides a seamless experience for our guests, and in every way we feel like they are an essential part of our team. Our guests get the help they need and the tickets they want, and we get to focus on even more growth!"

Ice Castles

More than just tech support

Sell tickets over the phone

Direct your customers to our call center and a rep will securely process their ticket purchase.

Friendly in-house staff

We don’t outsource our customer service. Our team is trained right here in the office.

Open 7 days a week

Events happen every day, so we stay open on weekends to help your customers.

We stick to the script

Provide us with a script or FAQ and we'll make your customers feel like they're speaking to you.

Client Services

Client Services

Your dedicated ticketing experts

Our team is made up of event professionals like you with years of hands-on experience managing and working at events. Your Client Service representative will quickly learn everything about your events and become your personal consultant for best practices and future event planning.

Free training and account setup

We don’t expect you to teach yourself how to use our software. When you get started, your Client Service representative will walk you through the process of setting up your first event.

Reliable support

Whether you need to add a new feature to your next event or you’re looking for help at the last minute, you’ll be able to count on insight and problem-solving from your Client Service representative.

Enlist the help of Event Operations

For major events

Sometimes you need trained experts to help navigate the difficulty of welcoming thousands of people at the gate. If you need our team for on-site support, we'll travel anywhere for your event.

For staff training

Our team has trained staff and volunteers of varying levels of skill and tech savviness. They'll not only train your team on the box office and admissions tools — they'll make sure you become an expert, too.

For logistics and strategy

The Event Ops team has helped organizers plan admissions strategies for everything from pop culture conventions to giant pride festivals. We know how to run successful, massive events.

Create new experiences with us

In 2014 our partners at New York Comic Con and ReedPOP were looking for new ways to use our RFID software to engage with their attendees. So they worked closely with our engineers to design and launch an RFID photo station, which makes it easy for attendees to tap their badges and snap photos with their friends.

We also built a solution for NYCC’s vendors to scan an attendee’s RFID badge and instantly capture their contact info, which made customer engagement faster and more convenient than ever.

We’ll always work with you to find creative, exciting ways to make the best experience for your attendees., Stripe, Cybersource, FirstData, PayPal Payflow Pro, CardConnect, goEmerchant, BeanStream, DirectPay, PayPal Express, GoCoin


Keep your finances in order

Flexible payment options and reliable reporting

Your settlements are promptly processed and tracked with simple reports that you can access anytime. Ask a ticketing specialist about our flexible payment schedules for qualified events.

Merchant account integration

We’ve integrated with all of the major payment gateways. You can plug right in and collect payment daily for all events as tickets are sold.

Protect your bottom line

When you process through the ShowClix merchant account, our financial team provides dedicated support to prevent fraud. We’ll constantly monitor our system for suspicious transactions, help you process your refunds and defend against chargebacks.

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