How Candytopia Brings Sweet Experiences to Cities Across the Country

Candytopia is an immersive, fantastically delicious experience that takes visitors on a journey through a candy-coated dream world. Born as a sprawling sanctuary of confectionery bliss, Candytopia is a tastefully curated exhibition imagined by Hollywood Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin, realized by master fabricator Zac Hartog, and brought to life by life-long retailer, John Goodman. In one year’s time, Candytopia has taken its tasty yet temporary interactive art installations to Santa Monica, San Francisco, and New York, with new locations always on the horizon.

Initially announcing their launch in late 2017, Candytopia officially opened its doors to the public in Santa Monica, CA in early 2018. When Candytopia’s Chief Operating Officer, Bear Silber, first joined the organization, he already knew this candy-lover’s dream was destined for bigger things. “Prior to working with Candytopia, I owned a variety of candy stores, so I began as a retail consultant to help design and build out the installation’s candy store,” Silber said. “From the very beginning, things took off quickly.” Soon after announcing their launch, the fervor surrounding Candytopia became insatiable.

Today, Candytopia is one of the most highly-attended pop-up museum experiences in the country, welcoming hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world into a sugary fantasyland filled to the brim with delectable works of art, larger-than-life installations, and, of course, plenty of photo opportunities at every turn! “Candytopia embodies an entirely new, sugary world of awesomeness,” Sorkin says. “We exist to bring fun and joy to people. I think right now the world needs that more than ever.”

Seeking a Deliciously Robust Ticketing Solution

As the Candytopia team was preparing to publicly launch their picture-perfect experience, they knew they’d need an event technology partner capable of handling their complex ticketing needs, high-demand ticket releases, and the anticipated level of customer support for an exhibition of this scale. Their research, however, made it clear that few solutions could offer exactly what they needed.

“ShowClix was our first and only ticketing and event technology solution, and we’ve never looked back.”

- Bear Silber, COO, Candytopia

Timed Entry Needs

To best accommodate the high number of anticipated attendees, Candytopia set out to find a ticketing partner that could best facilitate ticket sales within separate 15-minute time slots each day. “When we were initially shopping around for a ticketing partner, we looked at a few that offered some semblance of timed entry ticketing, but these solutions always seemed to be unnecessarily clunky on both the customer-facing side and the back end,” Silber said. With initial projections of up to a few thousand guests each day, Candytopia needed 100% confidence in their ticketing process to avoid long lines and unsafe crowd levels within the installation.

Massive On-sale Demands

From early on, it was clear Candytopia was going to be a huge hit with candy-lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Because of this, when searching for their ticketing partner, Candytopia took special care to research each solution’s capabilities when it came to high-demand ticket on-sales. “We’d seen the fallout from other notable pop-up exhibitions and museums running into major issues with website crashes due to huge spikes in traffic during initial releases,” Silber said. “These types of issues were something we wanted to avoid at all costs, and it was clear some platforms did not have the track record we were looking for.”

Support Predictions

With ambitious intentions to take their limited-run engagements to cities across the country and beyond, Candytopia needed to focus their efforts on building and expanding their installations. With limited bandwidth to spare for the support of the huge numbers of ticket buyers they accurately anticipated, they had a need for top-notch outsourced customer support capable of maintaining their brand’s high standards while assisting thousands of excited attendees with all their needs, including ticket purchases and general inquiries. Not far into their search, though, they found that most potential ticketing partners either would not or could not provide such a level of service. “With a lean core team, we knew customer support would likely need to be a big part of any partnership we entered into,” Silber said.

One Ticketing Partner Had The Sweetest Solution

Their unique needs for optimized ticketing and support features made Candytopia’s search for the ideal partner fairly brief. “We looked at other ticketing partners initially, but the decision quickly became clear,” Silber said. With timed entry and ticket on-sale features beyond compare, a full-service in-house call center team, and personalized advisement on on-site operations, admission practices, and more, ShowClix was everything Candytopia was looking for. “ShowClix was our first and only ticketing and event technology solution, and we’ve never looked back.”

“The ShowClix system enables our team to easily manage ticket inventories across all time slots, see guest lists of who checked in, and more. It’s all very user-friendly for my team and our customers.”

- Bear Silber, COO, Candytopia

Unparalleled Timed Entry Features

When it came to timed entry selling needs, ShowClix stood far beyond other ticketing solutions in terms of functionality and ease of use. “ShowClix was able to facilitate the timed entry ticketing we needed better than any other platform we looked at,” Silber said. All other ticketing systems we considered had clunky backend setups for timed entry, with the need to create individual “events” for each specific time slot sold. This extra work would make ongoing tasks like financial reporting and managing ticket inventories far too much of a hassle for a high-traffic experience like Candytopia. ShowClix enabled the Candytopia team to create a single event series, duplicated across various dates and times which instantly created individual time slots in an easy-to-navigate drop-down calendar for their customers. “The ShowClix system enables our team to easily manage ticket inventories across all time slots, see guest lists of who checked in, and more. It’s all very user-friendly for my team and our customers,” said Silber. The end result meant Candytopia could sell more tickets with an extremely high level of efficiency, and attendees would enter the experience effortlessly.

Flawless Ticket On-sales

With the level of demand Candytopia was expecting for their ticket releases, they found in ShowClix a ticketing partner with a tried and true track record for successfully managing high-traffic on-sales without running the risk of site crashes resulting in lost sales. “The ShowClix system is incredibly robust to be able to handle that volume in a relatively short time frame with no system issues,” Silber commented. “We’ve never run into a ShowClix system malfunction throughout any of the on-sales we’ve run through them thus far. That says a lot.” The key to Candytopia’s consistently smooth on-sales lies in the ShowClix virtual queue, the industry-leading traffic throttling tool ShowClix developed to manage massive amounts of website visitors to ensure smooth, streamlined ticket releases regardless of demand. “Some of the other ticketing partners we initially looked at have had unfortunate incidents with crashing due to site traffic,” Silber pointed out. “To be able to handle the number of sales we’re dealing with and never lose a sale due to some kind of malfunction is amazing work on ShowClix’s part.”

Expert Support

Where other ticketing partners did not offer the level of customer support Candytopia was looking for, ShowClix’s in-house call center exceeded every possible expectation to complete their full event experience. Taking on the vast majority of support requests including general inquiries, ticket purchases, and exchange requests, ShowClix was able to alleviate a considerable workload from the Candytopia team. “They’ve taken so much off our plate, I bet they handle way more than I can even imagine,” Silber said. “We have very satisfied customers, and I think ShowClix’s ticketing process and in-house call center are a huge part of that. In fact, though we welcome hundreds of thousands of guests, at Candytopia we have decided to only staff one part-time customer service person, all because of the huge amount of support provided by ShowClix. One person couldn’t possibly facilitate that without the ShowClix system and team!”

“With ShowClix, the answer is never a flat out ‘no, we can’t do that;’ they’re always eager to look into our suggestions to see what can be done. They really listen to us, and that type of initiative is why I continue to recommend them to others.”

- Bear Silber, COO, Candytopia

ShowClix Delivers Results


Cities launched in first year


Of all tickets sold in advance online


Support inquiries easily resolved for first location


Visibility into on-sale event listing traffic

ShowClix is the Trusted Event Technology Partner

Having already successfully launched in three major cities across the country in less than a year, Candytopia continues to look to the future. Their continued growth requires a partner capable of optimizing ticket sales, providing unparalleled support to their customers, and, most importantly, growing and evolving with them. They will continue to rely on ShowClix for all this and more. “Right from the start, the ShowClix team has always had an obvious willingness to work with us,” Silber said. “With ShowClix, the answer is never a flat out ‘no, we can’t do that;’ they’re always eager to look into our suggestions to see what can be done. They really listen to us, and that type of initiative is why I continue to recommend them to others.”

“In all honesty, at the end of the day we wouldn’t be able to do this without ShowClix. Other ticketing partners do not stand up in terms of the features and support we need. ShowClix is the dominant ticketing partner in this pop-up exhibition space for a reason, and it’s clear they are dedicated to their partners.”

- Bear Silber, COO, Candytopia

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