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PAX Utilizes ShowClix's Virtual Queue to Control High-Demand On-sales


ReedPOP, the powerhouse behind more than 30 pop culture conventions, owns and operates the immensely popular Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). PAX is a series of gaming conventions where attendees come together from all over the world to celebrate all genres of gaming. Attendees of PAX not only get to play tabletop, arcade, and video games, they get to spend their weekend attending panels with their favorite Youtubers and streamers, testing out unreleased games and hardware, and experiencing heated tournaments like the highly-anticipated Omegathon.


Due to the massive demand for tickets to each one of their events, PAX needed to ensure their on-sales ran smoothly and securely, while granting all visitors the same opportunity to get tickets. They needed an experienced team and a flexible system that could control online crowds during the purchase process, enhance the customer experience, and maximize ticket sales.


PAX employed ShowClix’s custom-built virtual queue to manage the flow of traffic and provide the best customer experience possible. With its capabilities, PAX is now able to successfully manage their high-demand on-sales, send instant updates to customers waiting in the queue, and gain peace of mind with real-time support from ShowClix’s team of experts who are trained in monitoring and promoting every aspect of the on-sale.

The virtual queue capability on the ShowClix system has changed the way we release tickets. We stay in constant communication with them during our on-sales so we can select the best messages for those in the queue, discover where our ticket sales are at any given point, and any other info we need.

Mike Kisken
Vice President, ReedPOP



Average page sessions
managed in the first hour
of PAX West’s on-sale


Control over visitor
purchase flow


Virtual queue on-sales
since 2013 launch

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