What our clients are saying about us

  • They are a seamless part of our team. There is no separation. Fiercely obsessed with customer service, and at Comic Con, they were as engaged as our own people.

    Randy Field, New York Comic Con

  • Whenever we first met with ShowClix and realized the time and effort they were willing to invest in us, it was kind of a no-brainer. We’ve been more than satisfied with the level of service, and haven’t looked back.

    Mark Steinman, Replay FX

  • New York Comic Con
  • The upsell functionality that ShowClix has developed has made it easier to offer more value to our attendees, and provide them with the content and merchandise that they want, when they want it. Through our use of the upsell functionality, we have seen an increase in sales and a positive impact on our bottom line.

    Keith Tralins, Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con

  • As Emerald City Comic Con continues to grow and provide the best experience we can for some of the best fans in the business, it is critical we have partners like ShowClix that provide us with the support we need and great people that give it that personal touch.

    Marykate Goodwin, Emerald City Comic Con

  • MoMa
  • With the fast growth of the Ice Castles, it would have been impossible for us to provide the quick and friendly customer service that we were known for when we were a smaller operation without the help of ShowClix. Their friendly in-house call center provides a seamless experience for our guests, and in every way we feel like they are an essential part of our team. Our guests get the help they need and the tickets they want, and we get to focus on even more growth!

    Morgan Bangerter, Ice Castles

  • ShowClix gets back to me in short order, and I have the answers for my staff, rather than spending hours trying to figure it out myself and testing my own solution.

    Ethan Platz, Portland Science Center

  • Portland Science Center
  • ShowClix provides the social media integrations we count on. We love that our customers are presented with our Twitter and Instagram accounts and our official event hashtag from the moment they view our event through to the purchase.

    Steve Loso, The Complex

  • ShowClix has been amazing to us from the beginning! They are passionate about what they do and the events they work with. The custom support, marketing and analytics tools, and ease of reporting is just what we needed! It’s been a pleasure to work with them.

    Courtney Mrochuk, Edmonton Airshow

  • Ice Castles
  • ShowClix’s Event Operations team provides the guidance and support we count on for our festival. They have helped us get our attendees through the door faster, which ultimately makes the guest experience so much better. We love having them here with us each year!

    Lisa Mercado, Winter Party Festival

  • We really like using ShowClix's custom questions on our event listings. We collect information about our attendees that helps us provide a better event experience and helps us optimize future marketing campaigns.

    Jennifer McDonald, IMATS

  • Arcade Comedy Theater
  • We love that there is a hub right inside our ticketing system to help us with our marketing! The dashboard makes it easy to connect our marketing platforms and social media accounts, check in on our promotional campaigns, and send promotional emails.

    Tom Leonard, Universal FanCon

  • I am always in contact with the people at ShowClix. They have really become an extension of my team. We appreciate their dedication, personalized support, and expert event knowledge. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

    Peter Altholz, Bar Crawl Nation

  • Replay FX
  • We love how easy it is to set up our timed entry exhibits in the ShowClix system. The feature allows us to easily control how many customers can be in our exhibit at any time slot. They can select an available time to enter and have a more immersive experience within the exhibit!

    Mark Thompson, The Gold Group

  • ShowClix has proven to be a successful ticket partner every year, and the efficiency of the ticketing process helps us achieve our goal of providing the best possible experience for our community.

    Ray Rivers, Greenwich Town Party

  • Steel City Big Pour
  • Agent is so easy! We loved we could set it to Tweet for us while we focused on other aspects of running a world-class hacker conference.

    c7five, THOTCON

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