PAX Badge Purchase -Terms & Conditions:

The Short Version: The Long Version:
It is a condition of sale that minors do not purchase PAX badges. PAX Australia has restricted content so anyone 14 years or under at the time of PAX must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian during the event. Please bring your photo ID and proof of age to gain entry to PAX. No proof of age, no entry. MA15+ games can only be played by those 15 and over. R18+ games can only be viewed or played by those 18 and over. Please refer to our Age Policy for further information.

In purchasing a PAX badge and in consideration of being admitted to PAX, the holder consents to being recorded (by audio, visual and/or other means) for exhibition and exploitation by any means in all media now known or hereafter devised worldwide in perpetuity.

NOW A WORD FROM THE LEGAL TEAM: PAX badge holders assume all risk incidental to participation in all activities, loss or damage to property and release management, its employees and agents against any claims. PAX Badge holders hereby:
(1) Release PAX management and Reed Exhibitions from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property, infringement of any right or any other claim or course of action of any kind;
(2) authorizes and permits PAX management, Reed Exhibitions and its designees which include but are not limited to all sponsors, exhibitors and contractors to use and authorize the use of his/her name, voice, likeness and all reproductions thereof by any means and in all media now and hereafter know for all purposes worldwide in perpetuity; and
(3) agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of the event.

PAX badge holders agree not to make any recordings of any kind at designated activities without the express written permission of Reed Exhibitions. We reserve the right to deny entry or remove from PAX any person who in our sole and absolute discretion is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner which we reasonably consider to be disruptive to PAX.
Cancellation Policy:

Sorry but there are no refunds on badges, without appropriate PAX Badge Insurance.

And remember, be nice to everyone at PAX. This will keep it fun and keep you out of trouble.

In purchasing a badge to PAX I declare I have read, understood and agreed to the purchasing and cancellation policies and liabilities listed above.