How The Gold Group Brings
Immersive Exhibits to Life

Acting as an educational and entertainment beacon for New England communities, the Portland Science Center holds the most engaging and unique traveling attractions ever presented. They welcome tens of thousands of attendees annually to their nationally recognized exhibits.

The Portland Science Center is owned and operated by The Gold Group, an industry leader and innovator in the marketing, promotion, and production of experiences and ticketed events for the past fifteen years. Founded by Joe Gold in Salem, Massachusetts, The Gold Group began as an event-focused marketing agency, offering services to all forms of entertainment. Relying on their unique background and experience, Gold and his team recognized an opportunity to grow their business by delving into producing their own events. Mark Thompson, Senior Vice President, explained, “We evolved into producing events and exhibitions, and hosting our own events where we identified a need for an attraction.”

Seeing Portland, Maine as an excellent location because of its tourist traffic and proximity to the waterfront, The Gold Group created the Portland Science Center. “We were looking for an unused, unimagined space to transform into a premium venue that would showcase some of the most thrilling exhibitions ever presented,” said Ethan Platz, Portland Science Center General Manager. Hosting international traveling exhibitions such as an immersive display of the RMS Titanic artifacts, life-size animatronic dinosaurs, and a National Geographic exhibition focusing on an impeccably preserved authentic pirate shipwreck, the Portland Science Center has become Maine’s top destination for learning and exploration.

It Didn’t Take a Scientist to See the Challenges

As new business opportunities came to fruition, The Gold Group saw the need to bring on an event technology partner to help tackle some of Portland Science Center’s growing pains. They needed a partner that could provide dedicated support, deliver admissions strategy planning, and offer valuable insight into their attraction’s day-to-day processes. Sifting through their options before finding the right partner, however, would prove more challenging than they anticipated.

Labor-Intensive Reporting

The exhibition center’s early event ticketing partners provided the basic reporting tools needed to pull financial and ticketing data, but overall reporting functionality was limited. The Portland Science Center team was forced to pull multiple reports so they could merge certain data to get the one report they needed. This extra work added hours of unnecessary time to their already busy schedules. “To streamline our reporting process,” Platz explained, “we really needed a solution that would alleviate the work-arounds we were forced to rely on.” They needed a system that featured both robust reporting capabilities and customizability.

Inflexible Box Office

A large portion of Portland Science Center’s exhibition attendees consist of walk-up sales. At particularly busy times, this trend can lead to queueing as customers wait to purchase tickets on-site and enter the exhibit. As the walk-up crowd grew, the staff was faced with long lines, due in large part to the limitations of their onsite box office. “We needed a way to adapt to our crowd size on the fly,” Platz said. They needed options to better cater to their customers, but their ticketing partner’s box office functionality wasn’t meeting their needs.

“The difference between our past box office software and ShowClix has been night and day.”

- Ethan Platz, General Manager, Portland Science Center

Unresponsive Client Support

With previous ticketing partners, timely resolutions to Portland Science Center team’s support inquiries were a rarity. “It was a real uphill battle,” Platz said. “Our support requests would be passed around to different reps who didn’t know us. It would be hours or days before we got a solution.” In one instance when inclement weather forced an exhibition to close for the day, it was entirely on the Portland Science Center to directly reach out to their customers. “We were basically on our own,” Platz said. Their previous ticketing provider was unable to work with them to quickly and efficiently contact affected customers.

Event Technology - Down to a Science

With more big name exhibits wanting to come to Portland, The Gold Group began their search for a new partner who integrated with their way of doing business, not the other way around. What made ShowClix stand out was their personalized event experts offering 24/7 support, and a customizable system that could be adapted to each new venture. “We looked at a number of ticketing solutions for the Portland Science Center,” said Thompson. “ShowClix offered the most complete and versatile system for our needs.”

“We looked at a number of ticketing solutions for the Portland Science Center. ShowClix offered the most complete and versatile system for our needs.”

- Mark Thompson, Senior Vice President, The Gold Group

Customizable Reports

The ShowClix Report Builder provided full flexibility, which was a welcome change to Portland Science Center’s experience with previous ticketing systems. With nearly infinite customizability, Report Builder streamlined their reporting process. They no longer needed to pull several reports in order to get the data they needed, saving valuable time and preventing frustration. “It’s been a great improvement,” Platz said. “We’re now dealing with a lot less downloading and formatting, which has been a time saver.” Now, all of their data is readily accessible, and presented in a clear and simple format.

Streamlined Box Office

With a far more robust and flexible box office application, ShowClix helped the Portland Science Center team speed up their onsite ticket sales processes. “The difference between our past box office software and ShowClix has been night and day,” Platz said. “The straightforward user interface allows us to process lines faster with less staff, and combining their product with tablets allows us to get out in front of the crowd to expedite transactions and improve the overall customer experience.” ShowClix’s box office allowed them to quickly and easily adapt to fluctuating crowd levels throughout the day.

Devoted Client Support

Providing a dedicated representative with detailed knowledge of their events, the ShowClix Client Success team proved to The Gold Group time and again that any request for support would be acknowledged or resolved swiftly and efficiently. “ShowClix gets back to me in short order,” Platz said, “and I have the answers for my staff, rather than spending hours trying to figure it out myself and testing my own solution.”

Something the Portland Science Center team didn’t realize they were missing was onsite support during their initial openings. When it came time to open its first exhibition using ShowClix, the ShowClix Event Ops team traveled to Maine to conduct onsite admissions training and support, which included teaching the staff how to operate the ticket scanners, complete box office sales, pull daily reports, and more. With the ShowClix Event Ops team on hand throughout the entire launch, any potential questions or unexpected scenarios could be resolved within seconds, not hours.

“We are super appreciative of ShowClix. They are always there and are receptive. We know they are always working to find an answer to our questions and can help us take the next leap forward.”

- Ethan Platz, General Manager, Portland Science Center

ShowClix Delivers Results


Minutes per month
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Faster client
support response time


Decrease in wait time
at the box office

A Trusted Event Technology Partner

With the rise of new opportunistic business ventures combined with the ever growing popularity of Portland Science Center, The Gold Group looks to continue to evolve their business. To do this, ShowClix will help them tackle any challenge, offer expert guidance, and offer new features to help take them to the next level.

ShowClix will continue to offer meaningful insight with customizable reporting tools, provide dedicated support on and off site, and continue to find ways to increase the science center’s bottom line. “We are super appreciative of ShowClix. They are always there and are receptive,” said Platz. “We know they are always working to find an answer to our questions and can help us take the next leap forward.”

“The ShowClix team knows what their customers want, and wants them to be part of the evolution of the system. That openness to work with our needs and suggestions will continue to help us as we continue to grow.”

- Mark Thompson, Senior Vice President, The Gold Group

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