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Fan Fest Saves Valuable Time and Easily Manages Vendor Orders with ShowClix's Report Builder


Fan Fest has built a fandom powerhouse by hosting over 50 conventions around the world that give diehard fans new ways to interact with their favorite shows and characters. Fan Fest’s events, Heroes and Villains and Walker Stalker Con, bring tens of thousands of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fans together for a truly memorable weekend experience. Each have panels featuring celebrity guests, professional photo ops, costume contests, and immersive experiences allowing fans to become part of the shows and movies they love!


Fan Fest was spending too much time on their detailed vendor reporting each month. They wanted to cut down on the time it took to pull the data and better organize their vast amounts of vendor information so they could make clearer decisions and focus on their events. Fan Fest needed a flexible report that could easily keep track of vendor orders, payment details, and be tailored to fit each one of their events.


Fan Fest worked with ShowClix to create an infinitely customizable vendor report through their Report Builder tool. With a few quick clicks, Fan Fest created the report they needed to group vendor requests, view responses to questionnaires, and keep track of specific vendor billing information for each one of their events. With the use of Report Builder, Fan Fest is now able to streamline relations with vendors and get back to creating amazing events for their fans.

ShowClix’s intuitive Report Builder makes it simple to keep track of all of our vendor information and order requests all in one report. It’s eliminated the need to pull and combine multiple spreadsheets. What used to take hours now can be done in minutes.

Robin Justice
Director of Vendor Sales, Fan Fest



Visibility of vendor data


Decrease in number of reports needed


Hours saved per month

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