4 Day GA With Tent Camping (2 People) August 25 - 28 2022 ($299.00)

This package includes 2 4 day GA tickets with a 20X20 camping spot.
Camp Ground Check in:
Start at 8am Wednesday August 24
Check out By 10am Monday August 29
Campers will not be able to go back and fourth to the festival and camp grounds during the day.
Only campers will be aloud in camping area.
If campers park in the parking lot attached to the camping spots you will be aloud to leave and come back with supplies for your camp site.
Quit hours for campgrounds are 2pm to 8am.
You can have up to 6 people camping at each camp site but everyone in the camp site must have a VIP ticket.
Only one car is permitted at each camp site all others will need to park in the parking lot.
Small camp fires are ok as long as you bring a small fire pit to contain it.
Charcoal grills are ok (NO PROPAIN GRILL).
There will be Porta Potty's and Showers available.
One shower per person with the purchase of this package per day. If you let an other VIP ticket holder to stay at your camp site they will have to purchase a daily shower ticket at $10 per day.
If you park in the general parking and do go out for supplies there is no limit on how much beer or liquor you can bring in but NO GLASS BOTTLES.
If you park your car (1 CAR ONLY PER CAMP SITE) we will search your car for everyone's safety.