The ultimate Fete experience!
We've put a great deal of thought and energy into perfecting a new LIME experience just for you. When you start your Culinary Endeavors, you�ll notice the quality of our food has been carefully enhanced using a delicious, improved selection thoughtfully sourced produce.
There are also a few special surprises, but we�re going to save those until you get here.
Your offerings and choice are extensive, as in addition to the many selections from the Platinum Garden Lounge, you also have the "unrivaled" array of offerings from the Diamond Lounge. This includes a dedicated LIVE Sushi Bar, Lobster Bar, Caviar and Oyster Bar and much more with Butler-style service. Our Ultra Premium Selections were selected with you in mind as you can also choose from very fine wine and premium champagnes. Special accommodation is made just for you at our Diamond Deck in front of stage to enjoy our exciting entertainment.