John Romita, Jr Premium Luncheon Experience ($250.00)

Luncheon Experience takes place on 5/16/20 - Exact time and location will be distributed to ticket holders prior to the event.

Limited to only 20 attendees, this premium luncheon experience is sure to make any John Romita, Jr fan excited. Included in the John Romita, Jr Premium Luncheon Experience is:

- Weekend Ticket to Comic Con Revolution
- Lunch with John Romita, Jr
- 10 items signed by John Romita, Jr
- 1 Quick Head Sketch (Each participating attendee will be contacted approx. 30 days before the event to determine the subject of the head sketch - Sketches will be drawn in advance)
-       Dedicated registration counter
-      1 CCR Branded Tote Bag
-      1 CCR Branded Reusable Water Bottle
-      Lounge Access (includes, water cooler, charging station, seating, concierge, coat & bag check)