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Utah Variety Arts Conference

UPDATE: UVAC is currently on hold, and will return in the future, possibly in a new format.

It is with some degree of disappointment that I must tell you that UVAC is not happening as planned. It is not dead! But we'll have to reschedule and restructure the event. The current plan is to make it a series instead of a conference, starting in the summer.

We do thank you so much for your consideration and expertise and willingness to do the work to help the whole of SLC's performing arts community. I hope you will continue to work with us as we enter this new direction for Utah Variety Arts.

If you have any ideas for direction going forward, this will be a great time to share them. We will be speaking with as many people as we can to have as clear an understanding as possible of the needs of the community as we craft the new format.


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Utah Variety Arts Conclave,
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"Fostering the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community."




UVAC is a place to develop your act, turn your act into a business, and engage in conversations important to performing artists of all sorts! Panels and workshops with community leaders and experts to help you discover talents and skills valuable in leveling up your performance game! 

Utah Arts Alliance Presents the first UVAC at Alliance Theater in Trolley Square

Join performing artists of all sorts in the artist-for-artist conference. Learn to turn your talent into an act, your act into a business! Join panel discussions on ethics in the performing arts, how to get paid, issues with accessibility and diversity, and legal and financial professionals onhand to help you with the complex hoops of going “legit!”

We bring successful professional performers and teachers from all over Utah April 1, 2 and 3rd, culminating in a just-for-us variety show! Buskers, Burlesquers, Comics, Magicians, Improv artists and more can get a lot of value out of this conference! Single-day as well as full-weekend tickets available. Watch social media for updates on guests, speakers and schedule. Each day includes both business and artist development segments.

Pick your day or come for the full event! Sessions include:

How to Produce a Show: Friday 1630    Sat 1930
Panel presented by Havoq Luscivia,    Calvin Dittmore, Archie Crisanto, Scix Maddix, Jonah Ericson
Successful show producers in the realms of improv, burlesque, variety and more come together to reveal the secrets of creating a show from beginning to curtain call. Learn about booking venues, finding talent, tech concerns, promotions, morale and safety, payout and more! Includes a Q&A session for those looking to get into this challenging but satisfying work.

Making a Business of It: Fri 1800    Sat 1800
Panel presented by Louay Chebib, Havoq Luscivia, Jonah Kirkhart Ericson
Small business mentor Louay Chebib presents a panel on making a thriving business out of your work, learn all the hoops to jump through on the way to success. Havoq Luscivia and Jonah Ericson and others join the conversation as performers who are also making it work as a business. Topics include dealing with government paperwork, multiple income streams and merchandising. 

Inclusion, Accessibility, and Community: Fri 1930    Sat 1630    Sun 1200
Panel presented by Havoq Luscivia, Archie Crisanto, Wendy Dang, John Valdez, Bryson Alejandro
How to make your work diverse, accessible, and safe, and how to support a community with the same ethos. The performing arts community in Utah needs to be intentional in its casting, hiring, and exposure to be sure everyone gets an equal shot. Also includes topics of conflict resolution; safety of performers, crew and audience; proactively creating spaces safe from racism, homophobia, misogyny, fat phobia, ageism, ableism and other discriminations that may – subtly or not – infect performing spaces.

Workshopping Your Act: Fri 1630    Sat 1630    Sun 1200
Workshop presented by Madazon Can-can, Catherine Mortimer, Élise Chantelle Barnett-Curran, Meg Hinds
Preference given to those that sign up ahead of time
Nothing helps to create a powerful act like performing and discussing it with your peers and with experienced performers. Bring your act, or just a pitch, and get feedback from people who know what they’re talking about. Moderated to keep the conversation as productive and useful as possible.

Unique Interactives: Fri 1800    Sat 2100
Both a panel and a workshop, presented by Mynheras, RJ Walker, Jen Ogle, Scix Maddix
There are performing arts out there you may never have thought of. Shadowcasting is a live performance attached to a video presentation with audience participation. Mynheras is an interactive character-driven costumed storytelling collective. RJ Walker creates experimental, interactive drama installations. Haunt acting is its own unique experience.
Whether any of these performance genres interest you directly or if you simply want to learn more, you’ll be surprised at the amount of skill and development a dedicated performer can bring to these little-known gigs. And there is a surprising amount of overlap with other performance types. We can all take advantage from learning about new things.

Collaborative Creation With Improv: Fri 1930    Sat 2100
Workshop presented by Calvin Dittmore
The skills developed in improv are useful for literally any other kind of performance. Learn to be bold, to interact with your audience, to create on the fly, to share the stage and more! Not just for comedy, but very funny nonetheless.

Busking and the Art of the Pitch: Sat 1200 (plus second session tbd)
Panel presented by Kim Angeli and Marcus Wilson
Learn the ins and outs of performing as a busker in Salt Lake City! Produced in advance of SLC Busker Fest 2022, this workshop will help you learn the fine art of showing up, getting a crowd and showcasing your skill.

Marketing and Promo: Sat 1330    Sun 1500
Panel presented by Kat Aleman and Cody O'Hare
What good is a show if no one comes? Join these professionals in show promotion to learn how to use social media, traditional media and the power of your own performers to put butts in the seats!

Online Shows: Sat 1330    Sat 1930
Workshop presented by Paul Draper
Paul has been creating and performing live online shows over the past few years for audiences of up to thousands. Learn tips and tricks to create your own, as well as how to get good paying audiences interested in your show! Alliance Theater will be onhand too for more on hybrid shows.

Puppetry 101: Puppetry Enhanced Performing: Sat 1200    Sun 1630
Workshop presented by Shelby Rickart
Join the founder of Puppets and the City in a workshop, creating puppet characters and learning how to create a performance that’ll appeal to audiences of all ages!

Acting and Stagecraft: Sat 1500    Sun 1330
Workshop presented by Wendy Dang, Jay Perry, Archie Crisanto
Everyone – meaning EVERYONE – can benefit from honing basic skills for acting and appearing before an audience. Join industry professionals for this basic primer of skills.

Kid Stuff: Sun 1500
Workshop presented by Sydney Vance
Performing for children is rewarding and satisfying work, and Sydney will show you the ins and outs of how to make a memorable performance for kids!

Meet the Venues: Fri 2100    Sat 1500    Sun 1630
Panel presented by Jay Perry, Kinsey Kiggins, Jim Martin
What is important when booking a venue? How can you make a show that benefits everyone, has highest quality, and satisfies performers and crew as well as rocks the audience?

Performance Poetry: Fri 2100    Sat 1800
Workshop presented by Jesse Parent and RJ Walker
It’s not as simple as standing on a streetcorner and reading EA Poe! How to bring form and character to your poetry, presented by award-winning performers in the art!

Finale Show: Prep: Sun 1800
Show: Sun 1930
Participants will sign up for this show open-mic style, offering a chance to show off what they’ve learned for an audience of other artists! Attendees of the How to Produce a Show panels may want to volunteer to be part of the prep, to continue the learning! 
Also offers a great final opportunity for networking over food and drink

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