Complete Worshop Series- Get One Class Free!

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Come join Homegrown Nurseries at the historic Lyndhurst Mansion this summer as we take a deep dive into growing a home garden’s most prized possession - great tomatoes! Whether you are an experienced gardener trying to fine tune your prized Brandywines or a beginning garden who wants to try a new garden this summer, these workshops will help. Over five workshops, we will take a take a deep dive into growing great tomatoes in the home garden - whether in a large backyard or in small balcony. Each workshop is scheduled at the best time of year to put it into practice at home.
Workshops are $20 for each 2-hour session, or purchase the whole 5-part series for $80. All workshops will take place on Sunday afternoon at 3pm at the Lyndhurst Estate.

Nick Storrs is an instructor at the New York Botanical Gardens and owns Homegrown Nurseries specializing in growing organic heirloom and open pollinated vegetables and flowers for gardeners.