Stone Barns Garden Kits 2021

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$195.08 - $487.69
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Join the growing Kitchen Garden community for a season of planting, experimentation, harvest and cooking. With the help of farmers and chefs at Stone Barns and Blue Hill, we will follow the rhythms of the season and get the most from our garden and kitchen together.   

This year’s offerings will provide a variety of garden kits that include all the seeds, plants, compost, materials, recipes and resources you will need to start and maintain a garden from scratch or continue your existing garden. You will have the opportunity to engage in a community of learning, information sharing and classes while caring for your own small garden. Sharing your practical experience will provide delicious food, joy and inspiration for you, your family and community. Kits are designed to fit together in a modular fashion if you purchase more than one.

By purchasing a Garden Kit, you are also supporting Stone Barns Center’s community garden initiatives and outreach.  

For safety and convenience, coordinated pick-ups will be scheduled based upon the kit you order. You will receive an email with details prior to each pickup and to help you prepare your garden. 

The following kits are available:

Kitchen Garden Kit
The most extensive of all the kits, the Kitchen Garden Kit will take you through three seasons with a variety of vegetables and companion flowers. With this kit, you will also have access to hands-on and virtual education experiences while learning the intricacies of growing, cooking and seed saving with Stone Barns Center farmers. You will pick up new seedlings and seeds as the season changes to ensure an active garden through the late fall.

Pick-ups: April 17, May 15, July 17, September 12

Kit includes: seeds, seedlings, compost, crop protection fabric, plant supports and straw for six 3’ x 7’ garden beds, (garden size approximately 12’x15’)

$550 ($596.06 including 8.375% sales tax)

Pollinator Garden Kit
One out of every three bites of food involves the services of pollinators. People, animals and of course plants rely on them to fertilize flowering plants, resulting in the seeds and fruits that help make up a healthy diet. Yet pollinators need our help: these vital creatures are struggling because of habitat loss and poisoning from chemical herbicides and pesticides. The good news is that we can all support pollinators in our own backyards, community gardens or fire escapes. This kit provides two pickups of flowering seedlings and seeds to provide pollinators with fodder while you enjoy gorgeous blooms and the company of these buzzing, busy companions.

Pick-ups: May 15, September 12

Kit includes: plants, seeds and compost  for two 3’ x 7’ garden beds

$180 ($195.08 including 8.375% sales tax)

Flower Cutting Garden Kit
Growing flowers for use in bouquets and arrangements helps bring the biodiversity of the garden ecosystem into the home. We have selected varieties that encourage pollinators and beneficial insects in your garden while providing elegant options to use in flower arranging. These plants will provide abundant blooms all summer and fall and complement each other in the garden or in a vase. This year’s color palette includes peach, apricot, tan, white, orange and burgundy. 

Pick-up: May 15

Kit includes: plants and compost for two 3’ x 7’ garden beds

$180 ($195.08 including 8.375% sales tax)

Dye Garden Kit
Plants and their dyes have long been used to create inks and pigments that tint fiber and fabric. The Dye Garden Kit includes seedlings for plants that will provide natural dyes in a range of colors, along with step-by-step instructions for planting, harvesting and utilizing the dye plants, no matter your level of experience with dyeing.

Pick-up: May 15

Kit includes: plants, seeds and compost for two 3’ x 7’ garden beds

$180 ($195.08 including 8.375% sales tax)

Patio Garden Kit
Perfect for city dwellers and beginners, the Patio Garden Kit provides a similar experience to the Kitchen Garden Kit but at a smaller scale. This kit offers some of our farmers’ favorite vegetable varieties in four recycled, eco-friendly, reusable containers filled with the region's best potting mix.

Pick-up: May 22

Kit includes: four reusable containers, seeds, seedlings, stakes and potting mix

$250 ($270.94 including 8.375% sales tax)

Stone Barns Center members receive exclusive early access to Garden Kit reservations. Questions about the Garden Kits? Contact our team at


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