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Boogie Hustlers / City Dwelling ...

Wed. Nov 21, 2012 at 9:00pm EST
Price: $12.00
21 and Over
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Price: $12.00
21 and Over
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The Boogie Hustlers

The Boogie Hustlers began piecing itself together in 2003. Creating original music in the vein of the greats, the band started a forward-thinking musical evolution. Drawing from numerous styles including Soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, Jazz, and time-tested Pop music, The Boogie Hustlers are seven years deep into a journey of expanding musical horizons. Their mission: to bring positivity and spirituality back into the live music scene and onto the radio.
On stage and on record what comes across is the honesty and passion of the players involved. The vision of bandleader and founding member Sean Rig is evident in every carefully orchestrated note and lyric on the album "122 Ellsworth," the group's debut release. Released in January 2006 the album quickly garnered critical acclaim beyond just the Pittsburgh music scene. Making it into high rotation airplay at WYEP-FM brought the Hustlers a new fanbase. Making it onto the reputable radio station's year-end top 50 Albums list gave the band an added boost and made their selection by Leeway's Homegrown Music Network as the Best New Band of 2006 that much sweeter. The Boogie Hustlers' realm of touring options began to open up.

The Hustlers' live shows are where they really shine playing venues all over the eastern half of the country. Vermont to Georgia, North Carolina to Illinois, New York City to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between fans that have been touched by the band's positive dance music, in turn, make it worthwhile for this cast of musicians to spread the love in greater swaths of the country.

On vocals, lyrics, and guitars Sean Rig represents the lower register of the Boogie Hustlers voice. Vince Wylie, also on vocals and lyrics, is the group's natural frontman, cruising the stage and singing soul-style. David "Chapman" Jamison rocks the drums, holding down the beat so strong it compels people to their feet. The other half of the guitars mentioned earlier, Ryan Meals, keeps the music steady and soulful day in, day out.

Past performances with Soulive, Gov't Mule, Brazilian Girls, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Vince Welnick, Jerry Garcia Band, Oteil Burbridge, Tea Leaf Green, Lotus, DJ Williams Projekt, Poogie Bell Band, the legendary guitarist Melvin Sparks, The 10th Annual All Good Festival, The 8th Annual GratefulFest, Zen Tricksters, The Bridge, The Jarflys (Jimmie's Chicken Shack), ekoostik hookah, Donnie Iris and many more have showcased the band's talent. Now, let them perform for you.


There is almost nothing better than stumbling upon something comfortably unpredictable, surprising, and relatable. CITY DWELLING NATURE SEEKERS have remained outside of the maze of mediocrity that swallows so many bands trying to reconcile traditional American musical ideas in a modern frame. Their dual-message moniker evokes familiar imagery that could apply to much of today's Americana musical droves, but there's something truly unique about this six-piece band from Pittsburgh, PA that demands attention.

Songwriter Michael McCormick assembled the band in 2008 with drummer/guitarist Chris Parker, mandolinist/vocalist Lee Hintenlang, and bassist Matt Booth. The group learned several of McCormick's original compositions, which grew out of an infatuation with the work of artists such as Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and the Band. After time and personal discovery between the players, the group's unique blend of country, bluegrass, indie-rock, and psychedelia evolved into a sound that clearly indicated their connection with the heart, hands, and hips. And people have taken notice the band's 2009 EP and 2010 debut full-length album received critical praise and airplay from many prominent outlets including NPR stations like WYEP (Pittsburgh) and WXPN (Philadelphia).

The new release The Winter Year continues along the same path musically, but the writing has evolved into something more exploratory, such as the hook-laden opening track "Halfway Home," or the grandiose string outro on "He Had a Head". They've maintained their ability to perform all of the recording, production and mixing within the band, resulting in a work that does not compromise any of the group's intentions or ideals. A significant addition to the sound is the presence of pedal steel guitarist Peter Freeman, who's been playing live with CDNS since 2010. Half of the songs feature his dynamic musicianship, from the warm textures of "Certain Things," to his sublime lead work on "I Took Lefts". Another facet of the band's growth is the emergence of Chris Parker as a co-writer on several tracks. His contribution has added color to the already vibrant musical palette this group offers on The Winter Year.
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Rex Theater 1602 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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