Out of the Box Workshop Series

Sat. Jul 30, 2022 10:00am - 5:00pm PDT
18 and Over
Price: $20.00
18 and Over
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Price: $20.00
18 and Over
Event Description
Out of the Box Workshop Series

This is a workshop series designed to explore our unique experiences and relationships to “performing” gender in improv, and then finding ways to expand and challenge what we feel is possible for our characters.

After participating in the workshops during the day, all students are invited to perform alongside instructors Neco and Ruben in a show at 9:30pm, so they can immediately practice their new skills in front of an audience!

"The Pacheacos" are a Minneapolis based duo featuring improvisers Ruben Gomez and Neco Pacheaco. Specializing in education and longform improv, their mission is to travel across the western United States with the goals of connecting with as many improv communities and theaters as possible, sharing their improv skills and style through workshops and shows, and sampling every ice cream shop they pass along the way.

Out of the Box Workshop Series

Saturday, July 30th

***Please note that this is a 3-part workshop, but not everyone will be attending each part. Please read each workshop description and decide which one(s) are appropriate for you.***

Co-led by Neco and Ruben

Part 1: No (cis)Boyz Allowed

led by Neco

Duration: 10:00am-12:00pm

This section of the workshop is dedicated to improvisers of gender identities other than *cisgender men (i.e. women, womxn, non-binary folks, trans men and women, etc.).

This is to hold space for the non-dominant gender identities in improv, and have a chance to talk about what our experiences have been as non-cis men in our various improv communities. We’ll discuss trends we’ve seen and experienced, cultural norms around gender in improv/comedy, and tools we can use in and out of scenes to combat any negative practices we need to.  

Then we’ll set some group goals and practice by doing some dope improv!

*Definiton of “cisgender man”: If when you were born the world called you a boy, socialized you as a boy/man, and you still identify as a boy or man, then you are a cisgender man. (Unless you feel otherwise. You are the decider of your own identity titles.)

Part 2: (all)Boyz Club

led by Ruben

Duration: 12:30pm-2:30pm

This section of the workshop is dedicated space for all men in improv (cis and trans). After part 1 of this workshop, Neco and Ruben will meet to discuss the norms and practices the first group explored in gendered experiences. Then Ruben will lead the (all)Boyz Club in a discussion of their observations and experiences, how they relate to those shared from the first group, and what tools they as men can use to help combat negative practices as well.

Then we’ll set some group goals and practice by doing some dope improv!

Part 3: Everybody Jam Now

led by Neco and Ruben

Duration: 3:30pm-5:00pm

This section is for EVERYBODY. We’ll get all of the participants from the first two sections together to combine their goals and new skills in an epic improv jam! This space is for us to practice building up our entire community through an art form we love. If you attended parts 1 and/or 2, please be sure to attend this 3rd part as it’s so important for us to have the chance practice this work all together in a supported environment!

**Note: You are the captain of your own journey and are welcome to attend whichever (or both) sections of parts 1 and 2 that feel true for you. We will not require validation upon entry. We trust you to respect the goals of each of the spaces and support them by attending the best one(s) for you.

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