Peter Cullen Luncheon Meet & Greet Experience

Price: $350.00
Product Description

Peter Cullen - the iconic voice of Optimus Prime for 35 years - makes a very rare appearance in Southern California at Comic Con Revolution Ontario on May 18th, 2019.

This very special limited engagement experience will take place in a private room off the hustle & bustle of the exhibit floor. Peter Cullen will join the group, connect with everyone, sign an autograph and take a photo. Lunch will be served (a menu for selection of your meal will be offered to attendees approx. two weeks before Comic Con Revolution Ontario).

This is a once in a lifetime intimate experience designed for the ultimate fan of Peter Cullen, Optimus Prime & The Transformers.

Included in this experience:

- 1 limited edition badge
- Guaranteed seating at the Peter Cullen panel on 5/18/19
- 1 admission to the Luncheon Meet & Greet Experience
- 2 signature vouchers
- 1 photo op voucher
- 1 limited edition print
- 1 CCR pin

Important Notes:

*** Strictly limited to ONLY 10 packages
*** You must purchase an admission ticket separately in order to enter the event
*** Package items will NOT be shipped and will be picked up at the PICK UP TICKETS counter in room #107.
*** ALL vouchers MUST be redeemed on May 18, 2019. CCR not responsible for unredeemed vouchers.