Andy Frasco and the U.N.

Wed. Oct 18, 2017 at 8:00pm EDT
18 and Over
Price: $8.00
18 and Over
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Price: $8.00
18 and Over
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Andy Frasco and the U.N.

Two words can be used to describe Andy Frasco &the UN, Par and T. Come party with the Los Angeles based band at 123 Pleasant Street Wednesday, October 18th. Smoking Dope and Rock N Roll...


The Afro Manifesto – 21 things I learned about Life from living in a van.

By Andy Frasco

1.Take Risks. If we only live once, then why not?

2. Fall Hard. So we can learn how to pick ourselves up every time we do.

3. Don’t shoot for the stars. Small victories keep the dream alive.

4. Roll with the punches. Some days there will be traffic jams.

5. Take everything in moderation. Don’t die trying to be the last person “standing” at the party every time.

6. Be broke but enjoy it. Happiness is worth the flat tire.. Because once you have it, everyone will probably want to take it from you.

7. Home is where you make it. Remember there’s always someone looking for company to have dinner with.

8. Fast Food. Don’t do it unless it’s a 4am emergency.

9. Get off your phone and see the view. It’s beautiful outside.

10. Drink Water. That sh*t keeps you alive.

11. Take Detours. Don’t let the paths of others scare you to take the road less traveled.

12. Open Your Eyes. You never know what life changing experience you might have at a gas station.

13. If you want something, go out and get it. How do we know what we want if we don’t know what we don’t want?

14. Don’t sleep on dirty pillows. You’ll get pink eye.

15. Disappointment will make you stronger. Giving up will always be the last nail.

16. Sleep. It’s ok to miss one or two after parties.

17. Hug a stranger. 9 times out of 10 they’ll probably be in need of one. (even Alpha-males)

18. Stay Clean. Nobody likes the smell of 4 day old underwear.

19. Wipe away your tears. Feel what life wants you to feel, but know, there will be another day to get it right.

20. Love Something. What’s the point of collecting all these awesome stories if you don’t have anyone to tell them to?

21. Smile. Because even through all of the up and downs and windy roads, life is still better than the alternate. So let’s appreciate what’s left of it

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