Zombie Paintball Apocalypse

Thu. Oct 4, 2012 at 6:00pm - Sun. Nov 4, 2012 at 11:00pm CST
Price: $15.00
all ages
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Price: $15.00
all ages
Event Description
Zombie Paintball Apocalypse

Zombie Paintball Apocalypse is a true not to be missed interactive attraction!

Zombie Paintball Apocalypse is unlike any other Haunted Attraction youíve visited! A typical Haunted House has people jump out and scare you, but we put you in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse! Yes, a Zombie Apocalypse where you have to fight off REAL life zombies. Think of it like a video game, (ie. Left for Dead, Call of Duty, Gears of War), where you get to hunt Zombies!

Every Zombie Hunter will start with 75 Flesh-Eating Ammo Balls (included for free in your ticket price), but trust us, you're gonna want EXTRA AMMO! If you run out of ammo on the battlefield, don't worry! There will be multiple stops to buy a refill, or buy in line to save time.

Refills are $10 for 100 extra flesh eating ammo balls - so don't worry, for a low cost you are able to save your life and your friends lives!

How do you fight the ZOMBIES?
- First, 10 people will be placed on a Zombie Armored Fighting Vehicle, much like a trailer pulled by a John Deere tractor.
- You will NEVER get off the Zombie Armored Fighting Vehicle. The Zombie Armored Fighting Vehicle will transport you around the entire grounds of Zombie Paintball Apocalypse to hunt zombies. There will be no walking through a haunted house. - Think of it like a haunted hayride, but you can fight off the zombies with weapons!
- Each vehicle trailer is equipped with Zombie Killing Weapons, one for each person. These weapons are similar to paintball guns, and they shoot special flesh eating acid ammo balls used to kill zombies!
- Each person will be given about 75 rounds of flesh eating acid ammo to shoot at zombies.
- If youíre trigger happy and you use all your ammo donít worry, you can purchase more throughout the trailer ride. Shoot as many zombies as many times as you want!
- Throughout the ride, LIVE zombies will try and approach the trailer and your job is to annihilate them! Donít worry the zombies will NOT be shooting back at you.

Checklist before you come.
- Zombie Paintball Apocalypse is all ages. If youíre up to the challenge and can pull a trigger on a paintball gun, then you can come in.
- The wait sometimes can be a little long. Youíll need to wait in two lines, kinda like a movie theatre. LINE 1: The ticket booth line, to purchase your ticket. LINE 2: The line to actually get inside the Zombie Paintball Apocalypse attraction.
- Additionally there will be other fun activities available to do before and after shooting Zombies, if you want to get some target practice in before your ride we will have our Splatmaster Shooting Booth fully equipped.
- Also bring your appetite Ė food and drinks will be served at our concession stand. We know the Zombies are hungry, if they donít get you then we want to make sure you donít leave hungry too!
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Venue Details
Benton County Fairgrounds 7640 SW Regional Airport Road
Bentonville, AR 72712