Showdown at Unobtainium

Sat. Nov 10, 2012 at 12:00pm - Sun. Nov 11, 2012 at 6:00pm CST
All Ages
All Ages
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All Ages
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Showdown at Unobtainium


The name has sparked generations of Texans raised on whispered legends of this supposed "ghost town", and tales of obsessed miners who staked all they had - perhaps their very souls - to extract the elusive element of Unobtainium from the black prairie earth and limestone of Central Texas.

This town began to lose its luster in the early 1870s. Some say the miners took their lust for the element too far and struck their richest vein in the mouth of Hell. Then, the townsfolk began to disappear, one after the other...

Perhaps it was only that old troublemaker, the Son of Perdition, dabbling in wacky temporal hijinks and extracting his toll on the greedy townspeople. Or maybe it's the fact that that high concentrations of unobtainium have the unnerving ability to render time and space relative and ephemeral. Whatever the case or both, past, present and future intersect and occur simultaneously in the town.

For years, this haunted place has lain dormant,it's evil undisturbed, and the specters of its townspeople allowed to go about their business. That is, until a new wave of scientists, inventors, and tinkerers developed an unquenchable thirst for this rarest of elements to fuel their creations. For those brave enough to face the mournful, wrathful ghosts of Unobtainium, the power, the fame, and the glory is theirs...or is it?

We stand in 1887. Brilliant Serbian inventor, physicist, engineer and futurist, Nicola Tesla, claims he's braved the apparitions and reached all the way into the mine where he has extracted all the unobtainium he needs to teach Thomas Edison a lesson - payback for an incident that occurred two years previous.

Edison is tired of Tesla's claims, and he means to teach the upstart a lesson... and take his unobtainium. That is, if he can.

Eventually, Tesla and Edison will meet onstage, and influenced as we all will be by that time, by the presence of the unobtainium, their mad battle will begin.

Sparks will fly.
Rayguns will be drawn.
History will be re-made.

The Showdown at Unobtainium will be an entirely immersive, multi media, two day interactive event. There will be bands and vaudeville, not to mention food, drink, dancing, gaming and vending, amongst many other entertainments.

Camping will be available, please buy camping tickets separately at this website.
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Ball Farm 667 Old San Antonio Rd.
Dale, TX 78616