IMMA Teens | Summer Workshop | 15-18 Years Old

Tue. Jun 9, 2015 at 2:00pm - Thu. Jun 11, 2015 at 2:00pm GMT
15-18 years old
Price: Free
15-18 years old
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Price: Free
15-18 years old
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IMMA Teens | Summer Workshop | 15-18 Years Old

IMMA presents:

o    A three day art workshop 

o    For 15 to 18 years old

o    Tuesday 9th June to Thursday 11th June

o    14:00 to 16:00 each day

Join artist Janine Davidson for an exciting 3-day workshop inspired by the artist Stan Douglas

Stan Douglas

Teen Workshops




This exciting three day workshop will explore history and narrative through the exploration of analogue and digital technologies with daily social media outputs.

Inspired by Stan Douglas’s play Helen Lawrence (2014) we will make a stage set, with the use of overhead projectors,  transparencies,  props and perhaps their own bodies. This will set a scene from which we will develop multiple narratives.

The narrative will be inspired by the architecture and grounds of the museum. It will also be informed by the IMMA Collection Show Fragments and the current Heritage exhibition which explores the history of the building to the present day.

Combining elements from the Past, Present and Future, each person will create a fragment of the story.  Our daily events we will be published through social media the aim is to question the traditional model of storytelling, of a beginning middle and end, instead offering variable and diverse outcomes.

This Summer workshop is free but must be booked. Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Please present a copy of your Showclix ticket when you arrive at IMMA for the workshop. If, following booking, you are unable to take up your place at the workshop, please inform IMMA as soon as possible so that the vacant place may be reallocated. 

Contact IMMA Education & Community for further information.

Click here for IMMA policies on privacy and child protection

Click here for the Code of Participation in IMMA Events and Workshops for Teens and Young People or read in full below:

Attending an IMMA event, tour, talk, or workshop indicates you agree in full to the following five-point code of participation:

1. If you can’t arrive on time for the start of a workshop session or indeed you can’t attend a particular workshop session at all, please let us know as soon as possible by email.

2. IMMA welcomes the use of mobile devices like web-enabled smartphones or tablets, especially if you want to learn more about IMMA’s artworks, or save a memory of your museum experience, or share that experience through social media apps. Photography is allowed in the grounds and in most IMMA Collection exhibitions. However photography is not permitted in almost all temporary exhibitions. You should not make or take a mobile phone call in any exhibition space, and mobile phones including text messaging should not be used at all during talks, guided tours, and workshops in the studios. If you are unclear about these guidelines, just check in with the facilitator of the workshop or any of our IMMA staff on duty in the galleries.

3. IMMA expects that every person who takes part in an event, tour and workshop will help us create an atmosphere of respect: first of all respect for ourselves as individuals; respect for other participants, in the way that we talk to, listen to, and interact with each other; respect for IMMA staff and facilitators; and respect for the artworks, galleries, grounds, and facilities at IMMA that are here to be shared by everyone.

4. IMMA encourages participation: by offering your thoughts, feelings, and insights in a positive way, you will contribute to everyone else in the group having a significant experience. This is a two-way process. Your opinions are highly valued but give everyone a chance to contribute, and encourage everyone to do so. Everyone should contribute to a safe and non-judgemental space.

5. Ask questions, express concerns: During activities everyone must feel free to express opinions and concerns. There are no stupid questions or insignificant concerns. If you do have a question or a concern, but you don’t want to ask or talk in front of others, please ask IMMA staff privately when there is the next available free moment. We regard all your questions and concerns as important.

Image: Summer 2014 teen workshop with Rhona Byrne

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