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Software Engibeering with ShowClix

Wed. Nov 14, 2012 6:30pm - 10:00pm EST
Price: Free
All Ages
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Price: Free
All Ages
Event Description

Software Engibeering returns to ShowClix on November 14th!

$ engibeering --help

  • We open up the ShowClix Offices for an evening of good old tech talk and local beer tasting
  • Anyone from the Software Engineering community is welcome to attend for free (engineers, designers, students, etc.)
  • East End Beer on tap as well as locally brewed root beer
  • We set aside some time for lightning talks from ShowClix and the community (and reward lightning talkers)
  • We don't drink on empty stomachs, so natually, we will also have foodstuffs
  • Last but not least, we have Job Opportunities so bring a resumé or better yet beef up your GitHub account if you're looking to join the team

Will Lightning Talk 4 Raspberry Pi?

We like to open the Engibeering floor for Lightning Tech Talks from the ShowClix team and the rest of the Software Community. If you have an interesting Lightening Tech Talk we encourage you to give it at Engibeering. Best of all, everyone that is selected to give a lightning talk will receive a Raspberry Pi! Engibeering Lightning Tech Talks should be around 5 - 7 minutes. If you are interested, please indicate when you sign up.

Meet the team

  • Rob Powers Director of Production Support When he's not conquering source code and taming BOCA printers, he's conquering cliffs and taming mountain goats in West Virginia with a rope and a carabiner.
  • Nate Good Director of Software Engineering Professional keyboard masher and beard grower. Wrangler of ShowClix Engineers. Contributer to Open Source.
  • Joe Frambach Senior Software Engineer Joe's claims to fame include: Open Source Game Coding Competition Organizer, Marathoner, Tallest Engineer at ShowClix (by a magnitude of two standard deviations), and being the only person to reference Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" in source code comments.
  • Tom Schlick Software Engineer Tom is an active member of the Open Source Community including being a regular contributor to the FuelPHP project. Tom knows a disturbing amount of information about unusual and deadly weapons. As a result, we're too terrified to ever git blame him.
  • Ted Zellers Software Engineer Ted is a master trombonist and mohawk wearer. He is also an extremist. on any given day he may be wearing a three piece suit or a pair of peruvian pajamas. Oh and he also totally rocked one of our programming puzzles
  • Pat Cannon System Admin Also known as "The Cannon", Pat can will VMs into being just by clicking his heels (I think an X10 mod is involved in there somewhere as well). He has a weird thing for ssh tunnels, in fact, he refuses to take the "Liberty Tubes" because they aren't encrypted.
  • Joe Staresenic Production Support Engineer Spends his days hunting down bugs and keeping the ShowClix engine well-oiled. His only bug is that he can drink nothing else but Yuengling. He tells us he is in the process of refactoring his beer parser to accept other inputs.
  • Jarrett Hawrylak Production Support Engineer ShowClix pried Jarrett away from the toothy grip of a "big industry" job after having a beer with us at the last Engibeering. He once tried the pick-up line "You NP-Complete Me". He is still waiting on receiving an answer.
  • Jared Manfredi Mobile Software Engineer Prior to joining ShowClix, Jared was formerly a Jibbigo-er working on their voice translation apps. Jared is also a member of the Pittsburgh Pens "Ice Crew" and apparently is the reason for the current NHL lockout. He is demanding that intermissions be extended by 5 minutes so he can get a little more ice time.
  • Mike Kuzin UI Front End Magician We're pretty sure Mike either made a deal with the devil or uses GameShark for Photoshop, because no one should be able to make things look as good as he does.
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Venue Details
ShowClix Headquarters 650 Smithfield St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15221