Drag Stars At Sea: EXCLUSIVE VIP DINNER Experience

Sat. Jan 23, 2016 at 12:00pm - Sat. Jan 30, 2016 at 12:00pm EST
18 and Over
$30.00 - $99.00
18 and Over
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$30.00 - $99.00
18 and Over
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First, enjoy a special dining experience at GIOVANNI'S Italian Restaurant aboard Adventure of the Seas. This specialty restaurant will have table seating exclusively for ALandCHUCK.travel guests. This is the ship's only specialty gourmet restaurant and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this experience with AL, ALandCHUCK.travel staff, and DSAS talent and guests. This special experience is just $30.   


Second, enjoy this ONCE IN A LIFETIME VIP Experience!!! Your DRAG STARS AT SEA: North America - Pirates of the Caribbean  VIP Experience will be your chance to hang out with your star. We have created this intimate setting so that just a maximum of 8 guests will be at EACH VIP Experience as you interact with your star. You will begin with a 30 minute cocktail meet/greet with your star and other exclusive guests aboard the ship (cash bar). 

Next you have a special table and enjoy dining with your star. It is the ULTIMATE opportunity to talk to and KiKi with the performer at your own dinner table. 

Finally you enjoy a show that includes your star with VIP front/near row seating.* This VIP Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

*VIP Shows and Dinners might not be on the Same Day. Any VIP Experience Attendee who's selected star is not preforming on the night they participate in the VIP Dinner Experience will have front/near row seating at the next event their star is scheduled to appear. Celebrities are subject to change. 


ShowClix Vip Dinner

ShowClix Vip Dinner

ShowClix Vip Dinner


Be the FIRST to Dine with these STARS !!


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