Greetings! Due to the high demand for badges, you've been put into our ticket queue, which serves as an online waiting room. Don't worry, we know what order you came in, so you'll get your fair shot at ordering badges. Once it's your turn, you'll get kicked over to a different page where you'll have 8 minutes to complete your transaction.
Good luck, and thank you again for coming to PAX!

Get ready – this page will automatically take you to the ticketing system when it’s your turn to purchase tickets!

How does this queue thing work?

We use the queue to make sure that tickets are sold in an orderly and fair way. Customers enter the queue in the order in which they arrive after the on sale begins. When you are placed in the queue, a unique cookie identifies you and allows us to hold your place in line.

As long as your browser is open, you will not lose your place and you will be automatically taken to the checkout process when it is your turn, without needing to refresh.

What if I get an error page?

Getting an error page will not result in you losing your place in the queue or tickets in your cart.

The queue is made of many, many servers. In the unlikely event that you get an error page, it is possible that you landed on a misbehaving server or group of servers. This is why we painstakingly monitor for misbehaving servers and take them out on the fly.

If you encounter an error, just refresh once or twice. There is a good chance you'll be returned onto a behaving server. If the error persists, please do not continue to refresh repeatedly — you'll risk getting throttled or blocked.

What happens if I refresh?

The queue page will automatically take you into the checkout when it is your turn, so you should not need to refresh. Refreshing does not improve your odds of getting through the queue.

If you do refresh, you will keep your place in line. That said, our load balancers will automatically throttle and even block users that it deems malicious, so don't go overboard spamming your Refresh button.

What are the technical requirements for the queue?

To properly maintain your place in the queue, your browser must support cookies and javascript.

All current major browsers support these features by default, so unless you explicitly turned the features off, you'll be fine. The queue page will let you know in advance if we detect that your browser is incompatible.